This service is perfomed only for the standart faults.
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From 2009-07-31 Seagate 7200.11 / ES2 and Maxtor DM22 are repaired for free

This service is perfomed only for the standart faults.

Seagate representative’s Mike Hall report on the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 faults: We offer this product to customers updated hard disk micro-program. In order, to accelerate and improve service, Seagate recommends you send the e-mail the data of drive: the disk model number, serial number and its firmware version (f/w). According to the representative of Seagate promises to respond rapidly to customer requests and confirm that this problem does not cause data loss. Because the data is still located on your hard disk. If the f/w does not have access to the data, Seagate offers a free data recovery service of these drives. Source:  it is not yet confirmed the information, but...

Given the change in the situation with these disks UAB „Mano duomenys“ offers the standart crash repair service FOR FREE:

0.lba (standart fault) – For free*
blocked disk (busy LED: 000000CC) – For free.*

If a fault standard disk will be good repair and returned to the client with the data and there is a guarantee!!!
Clearly, the customer‘s request, the client will be made in the drive is full hard disk copy (1:1). Price based on our pricelist.

* This service is provided only for the standard faults, defects for non-standard and additional damage to hard drives will be reserved in the price, which is set for this failure of our pricelist !


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