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About Data Recovery

About Data Recovery

Hard drive capacity is rapidly growing but its reliability is respectively decreasing. It is caused by the number of factors: while the volume of the drive is increasing, the data recording area is narrowing as long as electronics is becoming extremely complex and mostly cheap raw material parts are being used. On top of that there are many new technical solutions, which are fully tested only by end-users. Data security guarantee is constant daily data backups, especially in the cases when there is a possibility to use peripheral devices and automated decisions. However, even the serious IT professionals (not to mention the secretaries) generally avoids the work saying, "everything works fine„.

Hard drive failures

Hard disk drive is highly sophisticated device. This is not a radio receiver, which you can fix even without any knowledge of electronics! Hard drive data recovery specialists have all professional equipment together with knowledge and experience. In particular, when repairing hard drive the sealed part of it is being opened, there is a need of a completely sterile room. When the work is done under the sterile conditions, not so much dusts go inside the HDD over the short period of time, so it has enough time to read the data before the full breakdown. However, long-term work without the HDD cover is prohibited even under the sterile conditions!

When the airborne dust is in contact with the rapidly rotating disk‘s surface, it can destroy its magnetic surface in a short period of time. While opening hermoblock the dust can still get inside, but the filter contrasts the dust and the drive can operate with a minimal interference. The hard disk‘s working hours are calculated, if it was opened in non-sterile room, because the reading and the preservation of data takes a lot of time. Exceptionally high cost of time required for the use of complex equipment.

Why experts are needed?

Basic question arises: why data recovery specialists are needed if they do not change anything, just replace the parts. Why pay them money if I can do it myself? Though not everything is so easy! Even if it‘s just electronics malfunction, one need to find an appropriate donor. Different electronic boards go for different HDD models - they are incompatible. Some of them require the model with full match of letters and numbers, while others can operate with related controller plate. Sometimes even the full model does not match the hard drive. The search of donor is complicated partly because one model of the hard drive is manufactured for a shorter period than its average working time. The range is regularly updated at computer shops, and the chance that you will find an identical hard drive which you purchased two years ago, is quite small. Trying to change it by using an inappropriate plate is risky because there is a possibility to damage microchip of the switchboard inside the hermoblock and to destroy the service zone following the complicated data recovery. In addition to electronics the controller plate has ROMs, which store individual settings and HDD can‘t operate with another plate! Even if the HDD starts with new plate, the sequence of sectors might be damaged and the files can become litter, which would be sorted only by hand or by specific and complex programs. Therefore the best solution is to entrust the work to professionals.

A successful data recovery

In case of electronics failure usually all data is being recovered successfully except when the service zone of the HDD which reads magnetic surface, is damaged. It can occur for many reasons: errors in software, power glitches, electronic failures, vibration, blasts, etc. Then drive is unready for work or performs commands with errors. Under these circumstances some of the disks are automatically transferred into emergency mode and ready to accept service information through theterminal.

What we can not do is to restore the data when the disc was dimagnetizated, scratched or the magnetic layer was disintegrated. In all other cases data restoration can be successfully completed. Our customers are Lithuanian and foreign companies, individuals and public organizations. Here are some data recovery cases below, with short descriptions of failures.

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