This service is perfomed only for the standart faults.
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Media diagnostics

Media diagnostics

FOR FREE*.Diagnostic order option:

  1. Simple diagnostic Order – the period from 6 to 10 days. Depending on employment. This carried of diagnostic is doing for free.
  2. Rapid diagnostic within 1day – (work begins immediately after the media received). Price - 72.41 eu.**
  3. Very urgent (Express) – work begins immediately after the media received, work at any time of day till, we reached the result. Price - 144.81 euro. **
  4. Custom (media after test) - Media have been dismantled or were trying to restore data in another firm, (depending on the state media, which caused disruption or tests) Price - from 60 ** - 144.81 EUR **

After diagnosis is determined failure and we can tell the estimate price of data recover.
** Paid prior to ordering diagnostic.

Data recovery from USB drives and memory stick cards ( pendrive/sd/mmc/xd/cf and etc. ) and SSD ( slc/mlc ) with burnt controller.
Electronic, mechanical damages Work consists of two phases:
  1. Memory scanning to "image". Price 14.48 euro. /dump.
  2. Work with dump/dumps. Price from 28.96 euro.
Logical damages If access to data not available, because of file system logical mistakes. Price from 43.44 euro. 
* In case of logical failures phase 1 is omitted in this case the price is from second phase:
from 43.44 euro.
Data recovery (simple cases)
Electronics (controller) failure If the failure is only with disc electronics when electronic prescribing we will do FOR FREE. You will pay just for data transfer (sub-sectors copy 1:1). Data transfer to the medium - 96, 25 euro.
Head and switchboard failure If the failure is limited with reading-heads write or switchboard, when to change the head will be from 86.89euro.
Career zone B-C modules violations If the problem is only related to official information (Service Area) B-C modules. (These modules can be taken from another hard drive). From 101.37 euro. Broadcast restoration - 130.33 euro.
Logical damaged

If access to data is not available on the file system logic error:

  1. NTFS/FAT (12/16/32) damages from 52.13 euro.
  2. EXT2, EXT3, HFS (Mac) and other file system from damaged 173.77 euro.
  3. File deletion of - from 57.92 euro.
  4. BAD sectors - 1.45 euros/hour. (Scanning in these sectors is difficult (or impossible ever) and very slow the data recovery process.
Data recovery (severe cases)
Career zone violations Complex career area (Service area) violations from 232 euro (price depends on the complexity and the additional data necessary to restore the works).
Complete failure The complex fault include the following can be electronic failures (e.g.: the voltage increases) and with head switchboard violation. Can damage the magnetic disk surface. From 173.77 euro (The price depends on the complexity and the additional data necessary to restore the works.)
Motor sticking Stuck engine. From 289.62 euro. (Price depends on complexity and the additional data necessary to restore the works.)
Surface damage

If the damaged disk tray:

  1. dust
  2. condensate water (artificial disk led to temperature changes)
  3. scratches (drive was long in use with “hammering” heads)

Price from 260.66 euro.


Data recovery failure of 1 or more disks. The price depends on:

  1. Damage disk data recovery cost of the work.
  2. Software RAID recovery. From 188.25 euro.

Restore the data at the client

Customer media The recovered data to move the client to the media. Customer storage medium (hard disk) is purchasing a new to us or place immediately before the data transfer works.
Hard disk rental If the client did not need the medium to copy the data, they can be copied to your portable drive, and rent it until you copy the data for. The price 20 euro/per day.
FTP Client’s request, the recovered data is available (to 5 GB) for free via the Internet to collect data directly from our warehouse located in the FTP server.
Copying data to CD/DVD media Client data backup to CD/DVD media.
Media taxed:
From 3 media - 5.79 euro/media
From 3hd media - 4.34 euro/media

Additional services

Transfer of data to the media
Sub-sector copy 1:1 to the client hard drive:

To 1 TB - 30 Eur+Vat .
Form 1 TB to 2 TB - 44 Eur + Vat .
From 2 TB  - 58 Eur + Vat .
Remote diagnostics of media/Restore

Remote data recovery!!!!!
If the data loss caused by damage to the structure of logical files:

  1. File deletion of,
  2. If the disk has been formatted,
  3. Logical disk structure error,
  4. At all level (0-5) RAID array data recovery
  5. Pre-media diagnosis, followed by a response to the follow-up

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Data destruction
Certified data destruction software!!!
  1. Destruction of data programmatically. The price 28.96 euro.
  2. Data destruction electromagnetic pulse. The price 40.55  euro.
  3. Partial destruction of data .The price 86.89 euro.
Data recovery equipment Hire
Do you have knowledge? Would you like to try for themselves?
Working with a local data recovery equipment rental 20euro/per huor our office.
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Additional information
* Price do not include VAT

Donor Data recovery work is often by the media to change the good parts (heads, microchips etc). Under current market price, depending on media type.
Old CDs Rare (limited authorization [Limited] renewed [Refurbished], older than 5 years old disks - Price to be negotiated.
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