This service is perfomed only for the standart faults.
New in our laboratory

Remote Data Recovery

If the data was lost because of damage to the logical file structure, data recovery is possible at a distance.

  1. In case files were deleted – the disk must be connected to computer like a second,you  must install one the of the remote control programs for Team Viewer (free version).
  2. If the drive was formatted in any format level (quick, full)
  3. Logical disk structure erors - lost partitions or logical drives, can often be linked to failure in the system installation from scratch.
  4. RAID array data recovery at all levels (0-5). In this case, the drives on your computer must be connected to additiniol and not initialized. And it has to have enough room to RAID array "image" place to the system in extra hard drive. In all cases, restored disk must be connected like the second and installed in the system a remote - control programs Team viewer free version. Sign in for remote data recovery, you can e-mail:
  5. Primary diagnostic of media, after which we are giving an answer of any further steps.

    Lithuanian UAB „Mano duomenys“ data recovery specialist expertise and perform work are valued  not only in  Lithuania. Their qualification was able to ascertain not only Lithuania computer users and data recovery firms, but also their counterparts abroad, believed the data recovery to us.
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