This service is perfomed only for the standart faults.
New in our laboratory



A new service in our laboratory

New in our laboratory

                From 7 July 2009 WD hard disk owners who have lost data due to electronical damage can benefit from the offer of FREE data recovery (the price was - 96.25 LT). Given media remains at company after data recovery work and all data will be moved to a new media provided by customer. Also data can be moved to a new WD disk with our new service „guarantee of data recovery“. In this case customer is required to pay for new hard disk and company remains commited to recovering electronical damages or service area damages of disc for free. The guarantee doesn‘t cover the recovery of data in mechanical damages but it provide 50% discount for recovery in our company.
( This service will be provided to 2009-12-31of that, as of 2010-01-01 will expire earlier price 96,25 EUR ) 

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