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Data recovery from USB drive's and memory stick cards

We are able to recover data from USB drivers (sd/mmc/xd/cf and etc.) who are currently very popular, SSD drives ( slc/mlc ) and memory stick cards. Regardles of failure or type, of card and of capacity.

We are able to recover data of cards manufacturers' such as: SanDisk, Olympus, Kingston, Sony, Pixmania, Pretec, Lexar, Trexdata, Hama, Fuji, GoodRam, KingMax, PQI, Emtec, Panasonic, Twinmos, Pentagram.

Data loss always involves with drive's or memory stick card's failure. In most cases data is lost if:

  • flash ( memory stick card ) has been formatted;
  • flash ( memory stick card ) has been damaged;
  • flash ( memory stick card ) has been incorrectly connected to the computer or to the camera;
  • flash ( memory stick card ) has been damaged of voltage fluctuations.

Any attempt to recover the data self-can may even aggravate the professionals work or prevent the recover of the entire data. When the drive ( memory stick card ) has been damaged, we advice not to use them and consult a specialist.

Data recovery from USB drive and memory cards ( pendrive/sd/mmc/xd/cf and etc. ) and SSD ( slc/mlc ) with burnt controller.

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