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Data recovery from USB drives

Data recovery from USB drives and memory stick cards (Pendrive / SD / MMC / xD / CF, etc.) and SSD (SLC/MLC) with burnt controller.

Faced with USB flash failures, the question arises, why such an expensive data recovery from flash media, even though they contain no moving parts. As technology improvement more and more is growing up, it should reduce the work, but it isn't. To understand whether it is worth and how much it is worth to pay for any work, we give the examples.
1.Scanning the memory to dump (depending on the quantity of chips and “banks” per chip). (Dump may be a few).
2.Dump analysis
3.Dump preparation
4.Translators restoration
5.Customer data scanning

One example – 1GB of carrier:
Controller Phison ps2136cf g, flash no name, ID - add314a5 (HY27UU08AG5M 100% match).
We brazing flash and with a programmer we doing a full memory dump 1.bin.
Each sector is visible to 528 bytes. Each sector divided as follows: 512bytes goes to the dump 2_user.bin, and 16 bytes of going to the dump 3_tarnib.bin.

2_user.bin issue, which founds:
Fat 0, 1, 2, 3



Nikkomunikaw dump the 512 sectors and placed in four sectors. Prefabricated blocks translator by the numbers you see in the dump 3_tarnib.bin

You can't imagine how you do this without our help. In addition, these jobs took us from several minutes up to a dozen or so hours. Depends on the vehicle manufacturer spent a USB streaming algorithm and the necessary user information, under which is the calculation of mixing data in memory. It took some time to copy data.

Work value:

50 euro for the dump 1.bin when it is one chips with a single bank.
If there are several banks in a carrier or a few chips in the chip:
50 euro x chips x banks plus recovery information from us will be from 100 euro

So you can choose or you work  your own with dump and save money, or we recover the information and you save time.

SSD carrier with burnt controller data recovery using a similar principle: from each flash memory readable information and then analyze it. One of the main differences is that the use of higher chip with a number of banks there. The work is very difficult.

Needed to restore:
1. Read flash
2. Properly put the information from the dump into a single image.

Data recovery from SSD carrier price is higher: from 3000*euro and from 15000*euro.
*Prices may vary depending on the storage medium.

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