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What is data loss?

             This occurred for various reasons, the data complete / partial data loss or alteration. Data can be lost from any data storage media. Each year, the data loss of one in ten computer. Unwanted loss of data, not only the business sector, but also from a personal data storage media. Our task is successfully restore the lost data.
Loss of data types:
Are made available to five categories of data loss: 

  • Human error on the data loss occurred when the data were deleted, either intentionally or replace the shortage of IT expertise.
  • Technical failure: failure of computer data loss, breach of the media in the event of server failure, a disruption in electricity supply and so on.
  • Viruses and program error caused by data loss. 
  • Force majeure [force majeure] cases (the data would be deprived of natural and other disasters at the time: fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, etc.).
  • Theft.

               The first four cases of data loss can help you recover lost data, you need to contact us. However, in case of theft should no longer apply to us.

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